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We are a Training Facility located in Splendora, Tx 35 minutes from Houston & 25 minutes From Conroe, Tx.

Riding Lessons For Kids Or Adults.
- We Provide Beginner Lesson Horse
- If You Want To Bring Your Own Horse That Is Fine Also
- Its $40 An Hour

Meet The Family Below
Me Krystle (Owner/Trainer) Brittany Left (Daughter) Timothy Right (Son)

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Precious and her little Angel "Riley" came in to our rescue on 09/05/15. Precious was barely 700 pounds, severely malnourished, had a foal at her side and she had a large mass on her back left pastern. We later learned Precious has what is Called Pythium in her hind leg after going under the knife on 09/08/15. She had pounds removed off her hind limb. We was worried about having to put her under with her weight and having an infection on top of it, but she pulled through. My Awesome vet did a wonderful job removing layers upon layers of the mass and she stayed under his care for 2 weeks after surgery. The vet and I decided against the Pythium vaccine, because she had it to severely and to date their isn't a good outcome with the vaccine on horses in her shape. The medication to try to save her would have only give her about a 5% survival rate due to she would have been in the late stages of Pythium and it could run us close to $2000 and still loose her. The medication works better in the first stages. After everything I read and the vet not giving her much of a chance a nice lady pointed me to a product called Fungus Free Plus. After talking with Sue the fungus free distributor (well she's more than that because she's there with you every step of the way ) I decided it was worth a shot. I talked to my vet and he said it couldn't hurt to try it, because she's a goner if it doesn't work. He has used it in the past on horses that it had moved to the bone on and they still lost them. Good news for Precious is that it is not in the bone and hopefully praying to God everyday it won't go there. So far Precious is steadily gaining weight, her little angle is gaining weight and she is thriving and getting healthier. She is still FAR from being out of the woods and has a very long road to recovery. As of now though the Fungus Free Plus oral and Topical seems to be healing it a little at a time. We just pray she keeps getting better. We are all so in love with Precious now and she is the sweetest horse in the world. It's sad knowing she could of had a better chance of surviving early on, but we are not giving up on her. As of today we have paid her vet Bill down, but still paying off over $2700. We are spending $60 a week in topical, around $70 a week in bandages and around 65 a week in alfalfa, feed and hay. To me EVERY LIFE MATTERS and she is worth trying to save. Yes most people would have looked at her and walked away or been like the person she came from and said she wasn't worth $500 and just needed a bullet. She deserves a chance and I will give her that. I am a single mom of two and try to help these animals also. I will keep doing it, but it would be greatly appreciated if people would like to be apart of saving this beautiful sweet soul. I am trying to keep raffles going and even shirt campaigns, so it's not like you are just giving your money away. I would like to help make it worth your while. I hate asking for help, because I was always raised to do it yourself. Precious needed help and I wasnt going to leave her and her baby behind to die in a pasture or by a bullet.

You can also donate if you would like to Brazos Valley Equine Hospital 6999 Highway 6, Navasota, TX, 77868, (936) 825-2197... They will take your info down also so you can be entered in the raffle when you donate. Thank you and please share Precious's story to bring light to this horrible Fungus Pythium and to help stop the neglect. I want to think each and everyone of you that has sent prayers up for her. By the grace of god she made it like she did and has pulled through this long. I also want to think everyone that has helped with her recovery, because its appreciated more than you know!

I have been riding and training horses Since I was A Child. People have been bringing horse to me to train since I was 11yrs old. I start them slow and easy. I don't believe in bucking them out, and believe there is an easier way than the old rough way. That's not saying that I can`t set a Bucking Horse, because I can. I would just rather not! I specialize in the gentle breaking & training of young and older stock. I charge $450 a month for Started or young horses. I charge $550 a month for unbroke or problem horses. I will also take horses by the week if they just need to be exposed or tuned up. I charge $125 A Week. We provide the Feed and the Hay for an extra $125 a month or you may bring your own feed and hay at no extra charge..

10 year old gelding that liked
to buck.. It took 25 days to get
it out of him totally.

Me & My Daughter Brittany

Training Horse In The River

RIP Buck
01-2001 to 08-23-2011
Buck can never be replaced. He was humanely euthanized on 8-23-2011 after under going a battle with heart failure. He was one of the best kid horses around and thrived with the attention of the kids. He was a great roping and barrel horse, but most of all he was a inspiration to all the kids that rode him.


As I walk down this dark path, I wonder what lies in store,
I've been down long dark alleys
But none like this before.

Theres a light at the end of this tunnel, and a man waving at the gate.
But this time's not like the others, there's no hurry up theres no wait.

The ground is soft and perfect, the crowd is big and loud
Not like the other summers, no mud, dust, or clouds.

Everything is perfect, I hear my riders name,
she's not with me on this trip, but shes with me just the same.

I turn three flawless turns and rush home,
I can hear the angels sing,
the warm smile I receive from my creator,
makes this whole paradise gleam.

He say's, "welcome home old champion, you've made your last run"
then he opens the gait to the greenest pastures and says "Go ahead you've won this one."

I think back to girl I left behind, and I know we'll meet again,
And I'll take her on that final run were winners always win
 Author Unknown

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